That Should be Me: A Larry Stylinson FanFic

That Should be Me: A Larry Stylinson FanFic

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Larry Stylinson: A bromance that causes a physical pain in your chest because you know in your heart, there's something more, something real.

Harry Styles had held this secret for too long. He has been involved with many women, even Caroline Flack in order to bury this secret. So when Louis starts to feel something for Elena Cross, Harry didn't let that affect him in anyway.But during the camping trip, everything changed. He couldn't refuse his feelings any longer; he decided to risk everything to get the boy of his dreams, the boy he can't stop thinking of every second of the day. Will Louis feel the same way or deny this attraction from his best mate? 

But even when everything seems perfect, someone else's devious plan awaits the boys back in London. They can never catch a break.

Love is meant to be fought for<3

[just read it? yeah? thanks!]

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hi28oops09ls13 hi28oops09ls13 Oct 11, 2017
                              Te frienzonaron amiguito? Sep😂😂 
                              Así es, si lo frienzonaron y no se para que mierda comento en español tanto igual si nadie me va a entender de todas formas
carl186 carl186 Sep 17, 2017
He WILL NOT!!!  He is in love with you as much as you are him
rosieadheem rosieadheem Dec 10, 2017
We’re not. No we’re not friends. Nor have we ever been we just try to keep those secrets in a lie
rainbow_of_larry rainbow_of_larry May 27, 2017
I just threw up a little bit at the Caroline part... (Don't get me wrong, I just don't like her being with Harry, I don't hate her as a person since I don't know her)
AlrightThatzFine AlrightThatzFine Apr 03, 2017
Zaynie , boo i miss you and the boys together ao much
                              I also miss larry