Double Journey ( A Round Trip To Love)

Double Journey ( A Round Trip To Love)

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ShaoYeloveBL By ShaoYeloveBL Updated Nov 20, 2017

This story is about the love story of Cheng Yi Chen and also Cheng Yi Cheng. First three Vol and the last two Vol is about Cheng Yi Chen, another two Vol is about Cheng Yi Cheng.

Story regarding Xiao Chen and Lu Feng, is based on Xiao Chen Point Of View (Xiao Chen POV)
Story regarding Yi Cheng and Qin Lang, is based on Qin Lang Point of View (Qin Lang POV)

The blind fortunate-teller that is at the alley said to me "your love road are destined with full of obstacle, forever will entangled with men, and is full of tragic issues."

I put the left over soft drink handed to him, slapped my my butt and went away "Hey, you haven't give me money yet!" The blind man still shouting at far behind.

Is there any mistake? Even I am a man or a woman also cannot differentiate, still dare to ask for money? Never destroy your stall is consider I am in a good mood. These is one of the main content that I wrote during high school grade one, teacher commented "It is at the certain extent that is exposed hypocrisy of feudal superstition, but the word that use is too vulgar."

I am now sitting inside the train station, face swollen like a pig, clothes being untidy, hands empty, think back the fortune-telling blind words, regretted using soft drink to send him away.

Supposedly give him lot of money, unfortunately till today I am still a fool, still entangled with men, but not alert what kind of bad fortunate I will faced.

1.Vol 1 - Long Way Home
2.Vol 2- Way of Differences
3.Vol 3- If
4.Vol 4- Winding Path
5.Vol 5-The Far Shore
6.Vol 6- Tenant
7.Extras- Simple Era + A while of greedy for happiness.

FengChen:- Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 6 and Extras
LangCheng:- Vol 4, Vol 5

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