Nightmare | ✓

Nightmare | ✓

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「 Lumi 」 By astrophile Completed

❝I don't sleep. My mind has the scary capability of being dark and demented.❞

❝You are afraid of your dreams?❞

❝Yes,❞ he said quietly.

- - -

Highest Rank: #85 in Short Story [June 27th]
Started (Draft 2): February 3, 2017
Ended: March 3, 2017
cover by @EnjxiiBlxck

That can also be called Hypnophobia
                              (A fear of sleeping, a fear of dreaming)
Oh, this is short and sweet and I can already tell I am going to enjoy this.
EnjxiiBlxck EnjxiiBlxck Jun 04
I dont think I ever told you this but I reeeeally like how you made the time drag on for her, but zoom past for him<3 The contrast is magical u.u
EnjxiiBlxck EnjxiiBlxck Jun 04
MY BBY BOOOOOOK \*^*/ IVE MISSED YOU SOOO SOOO SOOOOO MUUUUUUUCH!!! *glomps tightly* Ill never leave you again ;u; I swear<3
EnjxiiBlxck EnjxiiBlxck Jun 04
I wear oversized sweaters too xD Yay. Me and the protagonist have one thing in common!! *highfives her* *^*
EnjxiiBlxck EnjxiiBlxck Jun 04
Also also also. I see my name in this summary ouo #IIshHonouredForBeingMentioned<3