Islam. My Way of Life.

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About Islam, as exactly the title this book will be about Islam and the beautiful teachings. Stories, quotes, sunnahs and more. These are taken from books and websites then complied together. Again, please jsut read and leave a comment if you can. You do not have to vote, but you can. LOL.
    Jazakallah and thanks!
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Wow u inspire me with the words u write, for am greatful to know this. May peace be upon us all and the blessing of Allah.
This is great, mashallah, You should deffo make some more (: x
Mashallah... i think this is a good way to Daa'wah.. Thank u so much..
Ramadan Mubarak!!!
                                    Love ur book teaching me a lot of things about the suni way and am really grateful for this book and you!!! 
                                    May Allah reward you!!!
yepz :D was actually studying 4 my aqaaid exam on monday! lol
Ameen, Thumma ameen :) the tasheel series is quite good, we doing it @ school