Twin Love [ GirlxGirl ]

Twin Love [ GirlxGirl ]

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zeyheartsmakeup By zeyheartsmakeup Updated Sep 03, 2013

My twin sister and I were total opposites. It showed in Our appearance, it showed in our behaviour, but our differences never changed the love we had for each other but can two new lovers change our forbidden love?

Three girls and one on the side get involved in a crazy love triangle and their dramatic affair turns for the worst. Confused between love and lust, the good girls turn bad. Anything can happen when  you're fucking your sister.

Sexual themes & Graphic description : Can You Handle It? 

-- The Love Series : Forbidden Romance

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camisgay camisgay Sep 11, 2016
I loved it. I've read all different GXG books and I have read so many topics but never a twinXtwin so I'm excited.
3KhaliHoudini4 3KhaliHoudini4 Oct 27, 2015
So is it about two twins who are involved in incest growing out of that due to two new lovers ???
Tayna__cruz Tayna__cruz Jul 05, 2015
It's weird because their sisters. How can they just be ok with kissing each other when there related
kvmara kvmara Sep 04, 2014
lol Incest ... Hmm ... Let me just read it though .. I'm curious xD
VioletCoral5 VioletCoral5 May 02, 2014
lol. im kinda weirded out yet intrigued lol. ima read ooooon.
celine_tam celine_tam May 02, 2014
o.O sisters are in love with each other ? sounds insane but i'm gonna read it anyways :p