1st Draft Fridays - A Fistful of Deception: Book #4, Chronicles of Marsdenfel

1st Draft Fridays - A Fistful of Deception: Book #4, Chronicles of Marsdenfel

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Misti Wolanski By carradee Completed

This book is FOURTH in a series + a FIRST DRAFT. It may not make sense without having read the rest of the series.

This is being posted as part of the First Draft Fridays run by Carradee, a.k.a. Misti Wolanski. Thus, this version is rough and may or may not bear significant differences from the final version that ends up published.
Tully "Tuelzi" Brylee has spent decades in the shadows, first doing her father's bidding, then later doing her own after obeying her father resulted in the deaths of the few people she dared hold dear. Those responsible are powerful and untouchable without careful maneuvering, which has taken her decades to prepare. Now one of her targets has assassinated her high king, giving her the perfect opportunity to strike...

Except she's fallen in love with the assassin's brother-in-law.

Between that and a few hours of weakness, she might've undone plans years in the making. She wants justice, not vengeance, and that might now be impossible.

She won't give up, because to give up is to surrender to her desire to die. But she might just have to break her heart again to succeed.

Book one, "A Fistful of Fire", and book two, "A Fistful of Earth", are both available here on Wattpad. They are also are available for sale. Book three, "A Fistful of Water", is available here on Wattpad in first draft form, and the final version is in the middle of being posted.