Remorse I - At the Mercy of Evil (18+)

Remorse I - At the Mercy of Evil (18+)

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Julia L. Jordan By Thoronris Updated Jul 30

[Harry Potter Fanfiction] Time travel fanfiction, in which Hermione finds herself in the year 1944, the last year of Voldemort's time at Hogwarts. Not knowing how she got there and for what purpose, she joins forces with Dumbledore to find a way back to the future, back to the battle of Hogwarts. During her stay she gets close to people she has always thought of as evil, only to discover that even monsters can have many layers. Will she be able to save the future in the past?

✧ Part 1 of my Remorse Trilogy 
Together with Hermione, we travel back to the year 1944, the beginning of Tom Riddle's 7th year at Hogwarts. We see how Hermione comes to terms with the fact that she might indeed have a mission back here - a mission, that surely is connected to Tom Riddle. But as Hermione gets closer to the still young Lord Voldemort, she learns that he is dangerous on more than one level ...

The Remorse Trilogy consists of the following parts:
✧ Remorse I - At the Mercy of Evil
✧ Remorse II - In the Chamber
✧ Remorse III - Forget Me Not

Please note that this is a translation of my German fanfiction Reue, which is already half way finished. Also, since English is not my native language, I am open to any and all suggestions and corrections. Please feel free to roast my writing, grammar, and spelling.

*** 1st place in The Sass Awards 2019 - Fanfiction Category ***
*** Best Antagonist in The Sass Awards 2019 ***

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