Evildoer Assassins

Evildoer Assassins

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Rie/Ai-chan By Animeaddict04 Completed

||Completed||Tagalog||DED Series#2||Sideline Book||  Have you experienced killing people? Murdering them like it's some sort of fun? And their moans and groans seemed a beautiful music to your ears?

Kira Gasai Madarame aka Devilish Evildoer is an infamous Assassin but she started to changed when she fell in love. She became weak because of love and she's still chained from the undone mysteries. She will, someday, unfolds the truth hidden on her past, the reason why she became an Evildoer Assassin.

Will she ever get back to being an Assassin? If she did, what about the people she left behind? Agony, pain, rampage and many more. Will she ever fight for her desire?

"I love you but I should kill you."

leviegirl leviegirl Aug 29, 2015
Ang ganda po ng flow ng story kahit hindi ko pa tapos mabasa! Haha... But ang gondo gondo po talaga!!! Keep up the good work!!
leviegirl leviegirl Aug 29, 2015
ang ganda po ng story miss author!!! Alam niyo po ba na first time kong mag comment
Niewatty23 Niewatty23 Mar 14, 2015
@Animeaddict04 hayy ..  sorry chrissy tagal kong di nagparamdam hehehe . . . bawi na lang ako this bakasyon hah !
JenikaPajardo JenikaPajardo Dec 20, 2014
superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gandaaaaaaaaa.....kahit prolonged lng.....
ConanAddict_23 ConanAddict_23 Oct 18, 2014
SUUUPEEEERRR CCCRREEEAAATTTIIIIVVVE nman ng Author . . She Deserve all of this :D
Eljey_Olega Eljey_Olega Mar 10, 2014
Shems! isa rin sa favorite Jpop singer ko si Yui Yoshioka!!! I love her song like "feel my soul" at yung "goodbye days niya" XD