The Werewolf and His Hybrid BoyxBoy COMPLETED

The Werewolf and His Hybrid BoyxBoy COMPLETED

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Celia❤️ By Cecilia_Chavez Completed

~First book of the Hybrid series~

A vampire and a werewolf have unprotected sex and thus a baby comes along. A hybrid of the two. 

Sven has lived a long life, and he hates it. Once he tried to end it all but guess what? He's immortal. He's lived his fair share of fun but now it's time to settle down and his way of doing so would be walking into a random house and compelling the family. He's being hunted so he's worried that the 'people' hunting him might find him. 
What'll happen when THEY find him? 
And what'll happen when a mate comes along?
Read and find out :)
MalexMale relationship
~Cover made by theotherday~
I'd like to thank @monique_g19 for helping me with editing. 
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I'm just a little confused but i'll probably understand later but how does he keep switching families, hypnotizes them, is he is the adoption system like what
Dean would hunt you down if he heard you say such things about baby, I'm even tempted to let him know
chai2004 chai2004 Jul 27
Why are you in a river because it looks like you are drowning in D-Nile
I love how everyone is just like yip thats me
                              But lile same my friday night
💜💜😱😱😱😱😱💜💜😱😱💜💜😱👌😱 BABY
rhycce rhycce Oct 09
Well, damn... I'm sure she was just giving him a little hickey.