The Werewolf and His Hybrid BoyxBoy COMPLETED

The Werewolf and His Hybrid BoyxBoy COMPLETED

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Celia❤️ By Cecilia_Chavez Completed

~First book of the Hybrid series~

A vampire and a werewolf have unprotected sex and thus a baby comes along. A hybrid of the two. 

Sven has lived a long life, and he hates it. Once he tried to end it all but guess what? He's immortal. He's lived his fair share of fun but now it's time to settle down and his way of doing so would be walking into a random house and compelling the family. He's being hunted so he's worried that the 'people' hunting him might find him. 
What'll happen when THEY find him? 
And what'll happen when a mate comes along?
Read and find out :)
MalexMale relationship
~Cover made by theotherday~
I'd like to thank @monique_g19 for helping me with editing. 
© Copyright all rights reserved

JudgeJeanius JudgeJeanius Dec 01, 2016
Its funny how authors dont even know whats happening themselves XD
animellamas24 animellamas24 Aug 06, 2016
I am laughing so hard I watch this series on Netflix but they only have the 10 season
meilee18 meilee18 Sep 12, 2016
why would someone hurt this cute little guy? It's considered as a  sin.
GoddessA78 GoddessA78 Feb 06
'67 black Chevy Impala yassssss. Supernatural fans are everywhere we OWN the world!!! :-)
AccioDrarryy AccioDrarryy 5 days ago
me when i punch the teacher in the throat and only go to the office 4 hours later
SAHunterKillua SAHunterKillua Nov 08, 2016
When I was a kid, I really want to be immortal but now,  I always think "can someone kill me right now?" "Urgh I want to die" "why am I alive?"