Haunted (Editing)

22 Part Story 19.6K Reads 372 Votes
Sammantha Lewis & Emma Smith By pixie215 Updated a year ago
An alpha male, a girls who's supernatural powers are on overload,a ghost that like to meddle, and a secret village of supernaturals. Yup that's a good mix. 
    Avery didn't live a happy life like she wanted. No instead she lived horrible life with her foster parents at home and a life as a wall flower at school. And being able to see dead people did not help her self esteem. Needless to say Jericho, Levi never even spared her a glance until now. To Avery, Jericho is just toying with her only to leave her more alone then before. But to Jericho Avery is his mate and he has no intention of letting her go. However that means he has to save her, and keep her from leaving. Yup. Typical alpha male.
I like this story it is kind of scary and I like scary stuff and when the lights are off and I read scary stuff I can see it a little
lol i remeber when i first read this book on bookrix and it has gotten so much better aince the begining keep up the good work
Ummm I sorta read a book like this on bookrix.com and I was wondering if you're her because thisis almost alike in all ways. same charaters,delima,plot even how they act. And if it is you can you please update the bookat BOOKRIX.COM i've been dieing for it