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Band Member Sexy Imagines {ON HOLD!!}

Band Member Sexy Imagines {ON HOLD!!}

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alex By bulletprxxf-love Updated Jan 08, 2015

bunch of random-ish imagines (I do take requests..!)

AvalonLikesBvB AvalonLikesBvB Feb 17, 2016
Name: Andy Biersack
                              Fetish: kitten play or any BDSM
                              Type: rough but with a lot of passion
                              Setting: he had been on tour for a long time. When he finally got home you both had a lot of sexual tension. So on and so forth🙂🌚
MargaretMcCauslin MargaretMcCauslin Jan 05, 2015
name of band member: Jinxx 
                              Fetish: None 
                              Setting: Make up one :D
                              Type of sex: Rough 
DarlingYoullBe_Okay_ DarlingYoullBe_Okay_ Sep 23, 2014
omg i just figured out what fetish means....i like him to be dominate js
FadingMoonlight FadingMoonlight Jul 06, 2014
Name: Amber Korpse
                              Description: Diamond blue eyes, midnight black hair, extremely pale, about 5'9'', usually wears either blue or black lipstick. Obsessed with anime and Batman
                              Band Member: Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides
                              Fetish: Kitty/ Fem Dom [shes the kitty]
                              Type of S*x: Very, very rough
FadingMoonlight FadingMoonlight Jul 06, 2014
Name: Amie Doll
                              Description: short (5'2'') hourglass figure; wide hips; round face; brown boy-short hair in pixie-cut; brown eyes; constant wearing dramatic eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick
                              Artist: William Control
                              Fetish: Daddy/Dom
                              Type of S*x: Very, very rough
Tyler0akleyIsMyQueen Tyler0akleyIsMyQueen May 29, 2014
Band member: alex turner, my name i kate make it however you like