Christmas Kisses In Space

Christmas Kisses In Space

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Polly Connor By PollyConnor Completed

Captain Jon Honorbright is a widower, a father, and the captain of a humble little transport shuttle spacecraft, over in a far-flung corner of the galaxy.  

He's a middle-aged man, still attractive, overworked, and more than ready for a little break over Christmas, with no passengers and a skeleton staff.

Except pretty Laura Starr, his Second Lieutenant, and her buddy Ensign Barney Wiggins, the hot new recruit with catering duties, are the rest of the skeleton crew.  Jon's had a crush on Laura for months - very unprofessional, and inappropriate, but what can a man do?  She's gorgeous.  And so is her close friend, Barney...

They have plans for celebrating Christmas.  Plans that involve the Captain...

Cover image by Kees Scherer in the public domain.

Oh, hell.  I forgot I started a Christmas story, back in December.  And now it's February.  But at least it's finished!

This story is the first in a series, 'Playing Dice with the Universe'.  The second is a WiP on this site, Jane In Space.