Frozen Feelings - NEW Version

Frozen Feelings - NEW Version

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Megan Foncannon By MeganFoncannon Updated Jun 13, 2013

Danger has been following me long before I could ever truly comprehend it. Once I turn 18, that peril will snatch me quickly like a thief in the night. Any thoughts of entering adulthood, responsibilities, and freedom will be quickly erased by reality. 

I am an endless dark winter that is objectified by the hands of my creators. 
I am the girl in the red dress with a reputation. 
I am in the pursuit of finding the warm spring that can finally melt away these frozen feelings.

Although, this endless winter is impossible to overcome.

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Blue_Maple Blue_Maple Nov 29, 2014
Wow... This book... Just... Wow... Written to perfection... I refuse to put this book down
MeganFoncannon MeganFoncannon Apr 22, 2013
@Kaitsumi you are the best <3 Thank you for taking your time out to read this, hope you'll enjoy the next chapters to come!
MeganFoncannon MeganFoncannon Apr 19, 2013
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namjoonwhy namjoonwhy Mar 03, 2013
@MeganFoncannon I know. I'm reading Believe now. :) You're welcome.
MeganFoncannon MeganFoncannon Mar 03, 2013
@phatelara Aww, I wanted you to read my other story >.< I have a re-written version of this chapter, actually, I hope you will read that one instead XD
                              But other than that, thank you for reading! I hope you continue!<3
XsnailyX XsnailyX Aug 15, 2012
It's sounding great so far, although I'm getting a little confused between sentences, (maybe its just me :/ I'm half asleep....) But your descritioreally great and your writing does have a great flow