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Cut Me Apart (Daniel's Story)

Cut Me Apart (Daniel's Story)

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Emmma By 3mmaRawrs Updated Oct 08, 2012

"There are no dress rehearsels in life, Daniel."

I grabbed my lip ring. "Then it's a good job I learnt my lines."

Daniel Storm has been caught up in a world of violence, sex and anger. He's trying so hard to figure out his place in the world but just can't seem to get anything right.

The only person who he honestly cares about is his Dad. In fact, he absolutley loves his Dad to pieces. Hunter is Daniel's idol and Daniel tries hard to be exactly like him. With newly dyed black hair and an old lip ring, Daniel is just like Hunter used to be.

But even though Daniel feels extremley close to Hunter, he feels extremley far away from Kat.

Feeling neglected by his adoptive mother, Daniel turns to drug abuse, self hate and drinking. Smoking joints and hardcore partying, Daniel doesn't have a care in the world.

But getting caught up in a world of violence and anger, Daniel realizes that he is in more trouble than he thought. Trapped in a relationship full of fighting and abuse, Daniel can't seem to find a way out.

He feels cut apart and he's not sure what to do to make it all stop.

WARNING: Scenes of sexual violence, strong language, physical abuse and extremley hot emo boys<3

( and yes, those of you who have asked, the start of the description is from skins ^.^

Hes drunk because he drank stuff that can be drunk which made him drunk
Sherlock_Silver Sherlock_Silver Apr 02, 2016
First, Hunter says OK when drunk, and now his son Daniel says GRAPES when he's drunk?! 
                              XD LOLOLOLOLOLOL XD
                              Like father, like son, eh?
tennisgirl567567 tennisgirl567567 Oct 22, 2016
That's because Hunter understands. He's been through it. All Kay can do is give you advise that she gave Hunter when he was going through it. Stop hating her for acting like a parent. Hunter is simply acting as a brother and that's what you've gotten used to
One_87_pure One_87_pure May 26, 2016
Ok so first Danny is the name of my ex best friend/crush (we're are patching things up slowly) 
                              And second, Connor is the name of my boyfriend ._.
kellinquinnic kellinquinnic Mar 31, 2016
I've nearly read every other story by you other than this, I just fangirled
maybeNewYork maybeNewYork Jul 18, 2016
YAS PLEASE!!! I don't like the relationship between him and her. Let them be close, I really don't want to say this but Kat is acting like her mom