She's Dangerous || ✔

She's Dangerous || ✔

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raye By waenker Completed

When Reese is rejected by her mate due to looks and social status, she does the one thing she thinks of.

She runs.

What she didn't expect that when everything is going perfect with her new pack, that she'll need to unite with the one pack that held the most.

Her mate.

But she isn't like little girl afraid of pain anymore. She lives on pain.

She's dangerous.

cover creds to @heartingly
[ completed in 2014 very old so read at your own risk ]
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Smanhertz Smanhertz Jul 08, 2017
All I can think about is H20 just add water anytime I see her
Biryaniislife Biryaniislife Mar 09, 2017
I'm glad that I'm slim after eating day and night like a pig.
respectfullyrosita respectfullyrosita Aug 13, 2017
Lucky. I'm so self conscious and I'm so fat and I shouldn't eat that much but I do and I feel like my wrists are thin and I can see my ribs and my friends tell me I'm TOO skinny and I feel like they're lying and I don't like it ;-;
ifeastonbooks ifeastonbooks Apr 24, 2017
Alright. Killer squad where are you at? We have a new target. I repeat we have a new target. Requirements: body bag, shovel, and an assortment of knives.
Smanhertz Smanhertz Jul 08, 2017
I hate when people call innocent girls slut when opening their legs is the only thing the can do 😒
WritersBlock1103 WritersBlock1103 Nov 18, 2017
Wtf is red riding hood doing here... is the big bad wolf her mate?