Adrenaline (Completed)

Adrenaline (Completed)

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MusicMonster_16 By MusicMonster_16 Completed

Alexandra Burns has everything that she every wanted but that soon changes when she's uprooted and shipped off to Chicago.
Alexandra's about to face more obstacles than she can handle, with her mum sleeping around, an obnoxious street racer pushing all of her buttons, and an arrogant teacher who somehow manages to weave his way into her heart, her life becomes more demanding than ever.

You see Alexandra has a secret.
A secret that is better left untold.
Her secret?
Alexandra Burns is a street racer and a good one at that.

Jealousy can be a powerful emotion. What happens when an old friend appears in Chicago? What happens when an egomaniac is slowly driving her over the edge? What happens when one sexy ass teacher is making her feel all kinds of things?

Will Alexandra be able to keep her secret?
Or will she pursue her passion bringing her life more problems than she can handle?

not_jennifer not_jennifer 5 days ago
This is probably my third or fourth time reading this book and it's one of my absolute favorites. It is definitely worth the read!
OmegaSigh OmegaSigh Feb 12, 2016
And no, I didn't visit your page, so I assumed this wasn't your first book.
Jetc_15 Jetc_15 Sep 13, 2016
Is anyone else confused how he went from angry at her to ' Omg i love u'?
OmegaSigh OmegaSigh Feb 12, 2016
Hey, I'm sorry if my comments offend you, but I'm giving you tips.
                              People barley read this book. Wonder why?
                              I'm telling you.
OmegaSigh OmegaSigh Feb 12, 2016
No proper grammar, not an interesting main character....
                              this book sucks.
                              Did a 5th grader with automatic capitilization write this excuse for a book?
                              Hey, no hard feelings, man..
Sabby-Kun Sabby-Kun Jul 12, 2016