Adrenaline (Currently editing)

Adrenaline (Currently editing)

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*Slowly Editing* Alexandra Burns life is about to get a lot tougher with her mum currently sleeping around, an obnoxious street racer pushing all of her buttons, and an arrogant teacher who somehow wines his way into her heart. Alexandra has a secret, a secret which she believes is better to be left untold. With all of this drama unfolding Alex is finding it harder to settle into her new hometown in Chicago than she originally though possible.

Her secret? Alexandra's a street racer, and a good one at that but her parents disapprove of her talent, so taking this fresh start as an opportunity Alexandra decides to hide who she truly is from the gossiping crowds at school and start fresh.

But what happens when she starts to gets blackmailed by an old friend, a racer in need of an huge ego deflation is driving her over the edge and one sexy ass teacher is drawn to her and vice versa? 

Will she remember what her duties are and respect her parent's wishes? 
Or will she go after her dream bringing her life more problems than she can handle?

OmegaSigh OmegaSigh Feb 12
And no, I didn't visit your page, so I assumed this wasn't your first book.
Jetc_15 Jetc_15 Sep 13
Is anyone else confused how he went from angry at her to ' Omg i love u'?
OmegaSigh OmegaSigh Feb 12
Hey, I'm sorry if my comments offend you, but I'm giving you tips.
                              People barley read this book. Wonder why?
                              I'm telling you.
OmegaSigh OmegaSigh Feb 12
No proper grammar, not an interesting main character....
                              this book sucks.
                              Did a 5th grader with automatic capitilization write this excuse for a book?
                              Hey, no hard feelings, man..
OmegaSigh OmegaSigh Feb 12
I know, and it's totally admirable. 
                              But, no matter what you think, im giving you constructive criticism, just not in the way you'd prefer.
                              It's the cold truth, not similar to the goodie-two-shoes who don't know the difference between good books and......