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What the Heart wants (BWWM) | Wattys2016

What the Heart wants (BWWM) | Wattys2016

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Kay By motorkay Completed

Elizabeth Brooks Sam's restaurant, LA   "With love comes happiness and heartache. If it's done right, it'll be worth the entire trauma and the pain. If it's done wrong, it will stay with you forever.     "Remember, you can love a fool or let a fool love you, but never let love fool you. You are stronger than you think. You are wiser than you illustrate and you have more passion than your heart is able to handle. Are you listening, Lizzy?" Sara looked at Elizabeth from across the restaurant table after scanning the menu.    "Sorry, my ears reject all bullshit. Love isn't real, it's an illusion. Only pathetic losers fall in love, remember that!" she spat, signaling the waiter.    Sarah looked at her best friend with sadness and pity in her eyes.        Jake Carter  CarTel Inc., LA   "Jake" Jason called as he spotted his exit from the elevator.     "What is it now Jason?" Jake asked not bothering to look over his shoulder. He collected his messages from his secretary and entered into his office.    "I need a favor" Jason smiled guilty    "When do you not?" He sighed, sitting behind his large desk. He rested his leather briefcase on the ground beside his chair and turned back to his best friend. "What?"    "Can I get the rest of the day off?"    "Did you finish the Lodge Hotel proposal?" Jake wondered.    "That's where the favor comes in. I'll have it for you tomorrow early in the morning but I have to get somewhere..."  Jake placed his head in hand and groaned   "I should fire you" Jake muttered.    "That's the beauty of a partnership, you can't. Plus, you're lucky I'm giving you a heads up instead of just leaving" Jason chuckled, sitting on the front of Jake's desk.  Jake leaned back into his chair as he bit down repeatedly on his pen.   "I feel so fortunate. Tomorrow, I'm serious Jason. No more fucking a round. I need this done."    Jason raised his palms up in defense "you have my word." He promised standing to his feet.

I would of laughed if Sara phone rang in the house😭😭😂
nani__13 nani__13 Apr 06, 2016
Yo picture + yo comment =💀😂 u funny af and yea i notice #nohomo
MykelaBrown MykelaBrown Feb 05, 2016
Im imagining her as the cover photo girl already...✌🏿️😍
xox_kai_xox xox_kai_xox Sep 20, 2016
At least he didn't caught her in bed with someone else😅😅😅
JamaIndian JamaIndian Jan 07
I really hope she doesn't turn.. Like in some of these other books
__Lysiaaaaa __Lysiaaaaa Aug 18, 2015
Girl bye, if you don't want to to go then you don't have to go. It's your life, you're grown.