Blood And Silence ON HOLD

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BlondieVH By BlondieVH Updated 3 years ago
    For most of Clara's life, she has been mute. 
    At only five years old, all of her family but her grandparents died in a house fire. She was discovered several meters from the burning building by paramedics.
    And twelve years later, her grandparents, her only family, also perished.
    Alone and afraid, she comes across a letter, explaining the deaths of her family.
    She is a witch, and vampires are after her and her power.
Amazing! I really did like it I can't wait to continue on! So sad that her fam had to die and I can't wait to see what she learns and till she meets a vampire! #Amazing!
Wow great I love how there always has to be a class ... B**** Love it!!
I can handle wait to read how Clara copes with this new information