Say Anything.

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Nina By smileyfaceXD Updated 3 years ago
A collection of my so-called 'short stories' - sneak peeks of new books, old ideas that never made it into a book, random bits of fluff that poured from my hands late at night when I couldn't sleep... And everything in between. 
    There is teeange suicide, a scary encounter with death, a girl supsended in some dark realm by an unkown force after a car accident, teeange love stories, werewolf moments, days in collesuems and with pirates... Basically, a little bit of everything will end up in here. :D
Hello! :)) I love your stories, OWWJ and was wondering maybe you could write the scene where James proposed to Eliza and how her mom reacted...yeah...I can imagine her squealing and being the way she is but you'll be able to make that even :)