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Mina V. Esguerra By MinaVE Updated Mar 30, 2017


It was nine-fifteen p.m. on Christmas Eve, and Daphne Cardenas was tipsy and full. She'd just had really good sushi, a few glasses of red wine, and the best strawberry tart in the city. But she was at a Christmas buffet in the best hotel in the city, and that meant she wouldn't be settling for only one of the tarts. She stood up from her table, where she was currently the fifth wheel among couple friends, and headed to the dessert spread to consider her next indulgence.

The guy was looking at her. She felt it, and it was why she looked up from admiring the pavlova. He was not scanning the pastries, no chance. That look of intensity, that hint of recognition, that was meant for her. Or for a stray cat that wound up inside this guy's car and scratched up the interior. It wasn't hostile, but it wasn't the warmest look either.

Great, Daphne thought. Where did I meet this guy, and what did I do to him?

She would need a moment or seven to figure this one out. Daphne ...

bbrosalinggMelendez bbrosalinggMelendez Nov 21, 2017
Kiss-this story is catchy and very interesting .It gives me a lot of ideas .
                              Kick-it uses long sentence and sometimes the story didn't explained well.
                              Kiss-it is like true people in real world having a problems just like  in the story.