camhanaich [Jasper Hale]

camhanaich [Jasper Hale]

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currently discontinued, but there is a rewrite up in my page under the same title.

Gaelic - English
      (noun.) the dawn twilight.
    [twilight fanfic]
    [movie-verse, first movie-?]
    [jasper hale]
    [slow burn before snowballing]

    Riley Olympya Swan wasn't normal by any means. Anywhere she went, she was strange. In Canada, where she was born and where she lived until she was 9, she was odd in a more typical way. In Texas, where she lived until she was 14, she was pale, withdrawn and hardly saw the outside of her house. In Arizona, where she lived until she was 17, she was the one in sweaters, scarves and sweat pants- the one who shivered in direct sunlight, practically defying all natural laws.
    And now she and her adoptive sister Isabella Swan are moving into Bella's dad's house in Forks, Washington. Riley doesn't know him, and he doesn't know her, but that isn't going to stop him from treating her like his own child as well, despite the fact that only Rene's name was on the girls adoption papers.
    In Forks Highschool, home of the Spartans, the Cullen's and Hale's had returned for some time, but upon noticing new faces, they had their interest piqued unbelievably. Isabella, who seemed impervious to Edward Cullen's mental advances into her mind and Riley, who seemed to be nothing but a black hole to the lot of them, were enigmas. Enigmas they weren't sure they wanted anything to do with.
    That is, until someone makes the mistake if talking of Riley and then she begins her fanclub (completely on accident and without her knowledge of it).

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