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Harassed. Rejected. Replaced. (ON HOLD)

Harassed. Rejected. Replaced. (ON HOLD)

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whisperr By whisperr Updated Sep 28, 2014

Harassed. Rejected. Replaced.

That's what she's been. Tiffany has been beaten and bullied for as long as she remembers. Everyday, her arms hurt with bruises she's received from the alpha's son. She's never fit in with her pack. Her brother, Jason, and future beta, beats her and her parents are never home. All she ever had hope for was that her mate would sweep her away. 

That hope shatters when she finds out that her mate is Aaron, the future alpha and her number one tormentor. He rejects her and replaces her with Olivia, a slutty bitch.

Yet she will be strong. She will not let anyone else determine who she is.

But as tragedies kept occurring to her, she doesn't know if she can stand it anymore, and she doesn't know if she has any hope left.

(Sorry guys, this is on hold due to lack of inspiration. I have a general idea of what I'm going to do next, but I don't know how to get it onto paper/type it up. Sorry.)]

1Cookie_Life 1Cookie_Life Aug 11, 2016
I feel like hes lying a werewolf is forced to think about how their mate are flawless to them rleven tho their human side don't think so
iammastar21 iammastar21 Jul 24, 2016
Damn I wanted her to go to another pack and become a badass.
TheAlmightyRage TheAlmightyRage Jun 15, 2016
Sorry umm no offence but maybe next time in a book don't do the whole narration thing.... We could find out her name when someone calls her by it.
Delaito Delaito Sep 15, 2016
She's staying??............ I can't believe what I'm reading!!!! She's FREAKING STAYING!!!
CelestialButterflies CelestialButterflies Oct 16, 2016
It's the same story every time just with different names...if you can't think of anything else don't write.
dragonlover1095 dragonlover1095 Sep 08, 2016
You lucky you not wet because I bet your make up would trail behind you