Haven | Wattys 2019

Haven | Wattys 2019

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Sophie's future is planned out for her. 

Having just outgrown her studies and Job Placement in a few months, her path is straight and clear. But when her best friend is captured and taken over the wall that protects them from a wild, primitive people, Sophie makes the most uncharacteristic and dangerous decision of her life: follow her into the Outlands and face every fear she's ever known.

Once in the Outlands, she realizes that things are not what they seem. There is a force even more sinister lurking on the outside, bigger than anyone had ever imagined. 

Seeking the help of seemingly one of the most savage Outlanders, with his handsome, brooding demeanor--not to mention his scary-accurate talent with a bow--they go on a mission that will challenge not just their survival, but that of the entire human race. 

As the two grow closer, Sophie realizes that no one is safe, and the scariest monsters are the ones inside of us. 

Highest rank : #72 in Adventure 
#1 in Outlander
#1 in Bravery
#6 in Utopia
#8 in Classism
#139 in Dystopia

• 1st place : Adventure in The Magical Awards 2018
• 3rd place : Action/Adventure in The Rebel Wars
• People's Choice Award for Adventure in The Phoenix Awards

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