Ash: The Dark Master

Ash: The Dark Master

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     In the tall, cloud-wreathed Mt. Silver, there lay a lone soul. Once young and filled with youthful, vibrant energy, the boy was now a man. But not a mature, strong man.

He was the embodiment of suffering, pain, reality, anger, and hatred, though in his heart he was still pure and kind-hearted. But the pain and suffering was not his to endure willingly.

It was forced upon him seven years ago, by a tragic event, by murderers who had fled, by the people who wrongly accused him of committing murder........and by his so-called best friends, who rather than stand by him and defend him, turned their backs and left him to rot.

Both sides were victims- the first were victims of lies subtly planted to fan their anger and disgust. They were victims of deceit and false lies, five friends whose truth was clouded by falsehoods.

But as sad as this deliberate blinding of the truth was, the real victim was the one who was targeted by these lies. Lies made to show him as a murderer an...

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birdwithfists birdwithfists Aug 18, 2017
this is perfect for school literature, because of all the themes and analysis points :)
Aph_Bonnefoy Aph_Bonnefoy Aug 03, 2017
Im pretty sure this was copied or you copied it ethier way..or your the same person.