Their Game!! (Sequel to His Game)

Their Game!! (Sequel to His Game)

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Rachel McCammon By bellaedwardjacob Updated Sep 16, 2015

Their Game (second book of His Game)
Carver has now made Dakota his wife and everyday is a new game for her. She knows that when Seth deems her fit enough her nightmare will begin all over again.
 But that’s not what matters it’s her daughters Destiny and Desire and she’ll go to any length to keep them safe.

Just when Dakota thought that there could be no more secrets and no more lies she finds out the greatest secret of all...the one that puts her life and her daughter’s lives in danger!

Now Dakota will have to fight to prove to everyone that she belongs here and if she can’t convince them she’s as good as dead.

Carver is now becoming more distant and Seth is becoming bolder. What will happen when Carver is no longer in control of her fate but someone else is? 

What will happen when they push Dakota to her limits and over the edge?

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Lola67483 Lola67483 May 07, 2016
Its such a messed up book especially when they die or gets beat but its a really good book and I like thr backround story to it.
carae121234 carae121234 May 15, 2016
Please update I loved your first book but starting to get slightly disappointed with the slow updates and long waits especially cause I love it so much I'm dying to no what happens
AshleyMorgan8 AshleyMorgan8 Dec 14, 2014
i just wanted to say the first book caught my attention right away. his game was amazing and i couldn't put it down. now I'm super excitef to read their game. they definitely have amazing plots. thanks for writing such amazing books!
silverdaisy silverdaisy Feb 04, 2014
Can you please update? This is my favorite story on wattpad.
PrincesPrinc3ss PrincesPrinc3ss Dec 07, 2013
cant wait to start reading  i actually wrote a story based on this its called gameplan
BookWormette14 BookWormette14 Nov 17, 2013
oooooo!!!! can't wait for the updates. hope it's soon! will Dakota& her daughters be saved? will she fall in love with career? or Seth? or kale? will her dad get back in the gang life& save her? ughh, soooo many possibilities! I'll be waiting for the updates(: