It Was Always Him |

It Was Always Him |

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Hope| I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Just as I made my way to the hallway I collided with a body and fell to the floor. I look up to see 4 guys.......

Rider| Just as we passed the office a small body crashed into me and ended up on the floor. I look down to see the most beautiful girl ever, and her eyes they we're so blue I could get lost in them. I haven't seen her before, so she must be new.

Hope| All covered in tattoo's, piercing and leather clothing. I stood up mumbled a sorry, I turned around and started walking away when a hand reached out and grabbed my arm.

"Not so fast, sweetheart" the guy I crashed into said.

Rider| I smirked at her, I started checking her out and was mesmerized how beautiful she was. I tightened my hand a little bit I didn't want to let her go. I told her my name and asked for her's, she said her name very quietly.

Hope| His grip on my arm tightened a little bit. He had messy Brown hair styled in a ' just - woke - up - look way, he had silver eye's ones I never seen before. He had a smirk while he was looking at me up and down. I felt uncomfortable and turned my eyes to the floor. He walked closer

"I'm Rider, Rider Jones and you are?" He said with a smirk

"Hope, Hope Anderson"

Book Cover By: @RapunzelsSaviour