Bloodistan // Vampire Thriller

Bloodistan // Vampire Thriller

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David V. M. By maybeiwas2shy Updated Apr 14, 2017

What if the government knows why the vampires are here? What if the government is responsible? 

When Tasha left Damya when she was sixteen, she thought she'd never return. But after distinguishing herself in Political Science and Linguistics and managing to land a dream job with the UN, she's forced to come back to investigate a series of human-rights violations and murders. And she's forced to face some of her oldest demons. 

When Abdul Rahman Elbaaz left Damya, he knew he was going to return. New leads on The Bloodistan Gazette, a mysterious contraband newspaper he had been obsessed with as a child push him back to the land where he grew up and more trouble than he ever imagined. 

When Cihangir Kartal chose to stay in Damya, he promised himself he'll make his country a better place. Now, thrust into leadership of an operation he never wanted to be a part of, he's forced to choose between his loyalty to the government and his devotion to his friends. 

  A carefully calibrated concoction of political thriller, action, drama and good old fashion vampire story. 
  amazeballs cover by @VaineLuchia

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pedolecki pedolecki Mar 11, 2017
Maybe you should try something different then Al said since it was already typed once. Maybe you can say 'he agreed' or maybe don't put anything at all.
WingedLiner WingedLiner Mar 11, 2017
Great way to adjust info dump but don't let it get out of hand with the dialogues, that's tricky. It's interesting so far, keeps me hooked
pedolecki pedolecki Mar 11, 2017
This dialogue should end with a comma instead of a period since it's not followed by a action
- - Feb 01, 2017
Lol I use Nike's deodorant meaning I'm not in Adidas's good books.😅😅
- - Feb 04, 2017
I mean, maybe. I'm still shaky on some grammar stuff, even I though I have a solid foundation.
- - Feb 04, 2017
Split the paragraph at, 'there was' in my opinion, as this runs on for a bit.