Nephilim (Book One in Angels, Gods & Demons series)

Nephilim (Book One in Angels, Gods & Demons series)

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First book in Angels, Gods & Demons series
All my life, I've been thinking about the same thing...That because of who I was, I was destined to be alone forever...

But who would've thought, that I was actually destined to be bound to Death himself?   
"His fingers went under my chin, coaxing me to look back up at him and as soon as I did, my heart started racing again, noticing the way his haunting eyes were now trained on my lips as he huskily said those two words again,

"Forgive me."

And before I could utter a single word, his soft, plump lips crashed against mine in a chaste, yet passionate kiss, sending warm tingles all over my body, making my heart almost jump out of my chest as we stayed like that for a few moments, before he suddenly pulled back, staring at me a little shocked, only now realizing what he had just done, then turned around and quickly walked away, leaving me standing there, speechless."


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When I first saw this book I thought it was about the mortal instruments series by Cassandra Clare (it's a great series) I was so confused
it’s the “best friend” in these books that typically said to be this turn out being the opposite
Yessss although i love Elena ,Bonnie will always be my girl.
That's kind of weird that I read this and my roommate is watching the series right now 😨😲
Ohheybrina Ohheybrina Jul 20
Honestly sis 
                              Some shady sh!t happens at frat parties 
                              He’s just got your best interest
PICKLEE RICKKKKK🍆(I  dont have a pickle emoji so just pretend ok)