My Own Path (A Legend of Korra Fanfiction)

My Own Path (A Legend of Korra Fanfiction)

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Callisto By CalliL13 Completed

(Previously known as Who Me?) Seasons 1-2

Kaleena is sent to live with her Uncle Tenzin while her father, Bumi, is off in the navy. When she reaches Republic City, she befriends Korra, Mako, and Bolin. She helps them on their quest to defeat Amon, and she may even fall in love along the way.

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ReadtillAm ReadtillAm Sep 22, 2016
" Well...I haven't found anyone yet that is worthy for my love: Yea, you're not teasing my future Boyfriend anytime soon."
SaloneNelson SaloneNelson Feb 28, 2017
cute, the younger cousins wish to begin dating so early in their life it is funny.
Page_250_Terrors Page_250_Terrors Nov 06, 2015
Haha imagine your crush just coming up like "oh, (yn), your eyes glow like toxic waste"
iamsoobored iamsoobored May 03, 2015
Of course bolin will he wants to be friends with almost everyone but mako might take a bit
bymisfits bymisfits Apr 17, 2015
If Bumi is her father dose that mean she's General Iroh ii sister?
Secretgirl2346 Secretgirl2346 Mar 06, 2015
Me friends? Did she become Australian all of the sudden or som'thin