Mysterious Fates (A Harry Potter Crossover)

Mysterious Fates (A Harry Potter Crossover)

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Keerthana M By theflowermaid Updated Feb 12

Subha Patel's life was relatively normal and peaceful for a witch growing up under a non magical family. Even weirder, considering that even for a witch, being born with elemental powers was very rare.
Regardless, that peace only lasted so long.

Trying to navigate her life during her years at Hogwarts while dealing with her godbrother's fame was hard enough. With very limited knowledge about her family tree, a spoiled brat with unclear motives, and an all-out war predicted to break out in the Wizarding world, the cons sometimes tend to outweigh the pros. In addition of the definite possibility that Subha and her godsiblings will become prominent figures in the chaos, the grave feeling that their willpower will be tested starts to gnaw at Subha as time continues to fly by. 

But as the impending war starts to become reality, her own story starts to unfold as she finds bits from her mother's past, unraveling over fifty years worth of her biological family's web of mysteries, lies and betrayals. 
But maybe some things are better left unknown, because if there's one lesson Subha is going to learn pretty quickly, it's that history has a very mysterious and rather pesky way of repeating itself. 

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(This is a multi-fandom crossover and I very obviously don't own the worlds combined in this story. Please read the A/N titled "Disclaimer". In order to get the most enjoyment (and to better understand how I'm going to write this fanfic) it is essential that you read that. I cannot stress this enough. :D)

Cover by me! :)

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