My Mate, Ashton Irwin

My Mate, Ashton Irwin

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Hannah Brown By HannahBrown165 Updated Jan 24, 2015

Hannah Moon has been looking for her mate for a long time. She is turning 18 soon, and that means she needs to find her mate. One month after a female werewolf turns 18, they go into heat. this heat will last one month. 

Ashton Irwin is the Alpha of the 5 moons of summer pack. He has the weight of the pack on his shoulders. His mate will help him with that, but there is one problem. He hasn't found his yet.

What happens when the two finally find eachother and run the 5 moons of summer wolf pack?

Copyright to me ;)


New story!!! Yay! i've been obsessed with werewolves lately, so here we go. I also decided to throw in fan fiction in there as well.


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Hahahhahahah omg 5 moons of summer i love it so much. IM CRYING
RebelHatter RebelHatter Aug 20, 2016
This is me every time I'm supposed to go somewhere but no one wakes me up
fvckxroz fvckxroz Jun 14, 2014
Loving it so far, although I hate the word 'bust' for some reason :/
fvckxroz fvckxroz Jun 14, 2014
I love werewolves, and I love Ashton Irwin. I'M GONNA ENJOYYY THIS STORYYY!!!♥♥♥