Dope Antics

Dope Antics

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The promise of money, power and respect are bestowed apun two blood brothers. Coming from very humble beginnings, they have always strived for a life envied by many and feared by most. However, now that the two are on a steady rise to the top, which will fall victim to the thirst for power and lose himself in the pursuit of greatness? Which will be so over come by lust and blinded by the longing for a love that can concure all?

 Come along for the heart pounding ride as the two brothers go up against the elite in the game in an ultimate battle for the throne. Will the brothers come out on top or will past demons resurface and stand in the way? 

"Cause everything that a man's ever strived for, every failor, every victory reached, every ANTIC pursued...... is motivated by a fucking woman."

Kwame;  Q-WA-ME	

Keanu; Kay-Ah-Noo

Reign; Rain

Chile; Che- lay

  • betrayal
  • drama
  • erotic
  • hustle
  • love
  • mature
  • romance
  • thug
  • urban