Never or Forever (from 3rd book in the Year of the Chick series)

Never or Forever (from 3rd book in the Year of the Chick series)

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Romi Moondi By romimoondi Updated Nov 12, 2013

For many people, Paris is the city of love. 

Most of those people are tourists.

This turns out to be one of Romi Narindra’s first realizations, when she ditches her corporate job and moves to Paris for a year to write a book. It’s a year that will shatter illusions, assert independence, and maybe even leave some room for a love affair or two.

All the while, the past comes swirling back like a ghost with unfinished business, which raises important questions about hope and second chances.

Some things last forever, some things will never be, but one thing’s for sure: love in the modern world is not a fairy tale.

Oh well, fairy tales were never all that interesting anyway...

(Never or Forever is book 3 in the "Year of the Chick" series. Book 1 is available in its entirety for FREE on Wattpad, so check it out and I hope you enjoy it! ). 

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