I'm Falling For You  (Ticci Toby X Reader)

I'm Falling For You (Ticci Toby X Reader)

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LordOfThePans By LordOfThePans Updated May 27

"AHHHHH!" You screamed as you fell "THIS WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA!" 

You see light as you keep falling and soon find yourself being launched in the air. You thankfully grab onto a branch still holding onto the bag of items. You look down and gulp. 

"What now?" You growled looking for a way down to the dirt without falling back into the pit. 

There was no way back down other then falling into the pit again. 

"Lovely" You mumbled 
"Ah I see you made it back" the man calls to you from the ground 
"Hey, it's you!" Your face lights up "can you help me down?" 
"Of course" He snaps his fingers and you by his side almost like he teleported you! But of course you were above the dirt. It was five feet below you. You fell on your back. 

"How did you" 
"Magic" He chuckled "so, how was your trip?" 
"Uh I got my stuff back" You said trying to get back on your feet 
"Meet anyone there?" 
"Well now that you mention it I saw three boys and heard a girl's voice" 
"Interesting, What's your name?" He asked 
"Y/n" You answered 
"Well, y/n, do you have a job?" 

WARNING- self harm, harsh language, gore and blood will be in this story!

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