Paying Homage -- Sonadow

Paying Homage -- Sonadow

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u s e l e s s . By Mighty_Shell_Girl Updated Sep 04, 2017

Sir Lancelot, also known as Shadow the hedgehog, is arguably the most loyal knight to the throne that anyone has seen. But when he finds himself attracted to the king, and Sonic reciprocating his affections -- he must choose which is more important between love and duty. 

King Arthur, also known as Sonic the hedgehog, is one of the best -- and worst -- rulers of Camelot the country has seen. But when he announces he's stepping down from the throne with no heir, who will be in possession of one of the greatest lands in history?

Did I mention this is all happening at once?

Very inspired by the great @WarriorCourtney ; It's heavily suggested you check out her stories. They're amazing.