Dear Josh. (a Joshler fanfic)

Dear Josh. (a Joshler fanfic)

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InthenameofJoshDun By InthenameofJoshDun Updated Jan 15

"Dear Josh, 

I started this blog because I want to write you letters so that I can cope with this. I could write you actual letters and give them to you, but you wouldn't be able to read them anyways. So now I'm gonna post them here, and read every one of them when I visit you. I'll also sing you a different song every day. 

I love you, Josh. 

Please wake up soon,

Your Love."


Tyler Joseph publishes his letters to his husband Joshua Dun on his blog every day, ever since his husband was in a car crash and landed into a coma. He shared his whole life with Josh, but it can all be taken away once Josh wakes up, 'cause there's a chance Josh doesn't know who he is. There's a chance Josh doesn't remember him. 

If he even wakes up, that is.

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