Complete  // Stiles Stilinski [3]

Complete // Stiles Stilinski [3]

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Brianna Hollis is finally returning to Beacon Hills after a long summer away, learning about herself and making new allies. Many thoughts running through her head as to what this year will bring.

She hopes this year will finally be normal. That her and her friends will finally get a break. But what she doesn't know is what is yet to come.

Creatures of the night. Scientists who worshiped the supernatural. The Dread Doctors.

Hell hound. His eyes glow orange and he is impervious to flame.

La Bête du Gévaudan. The Beast of Gevaudan.

Oh, and there's a new guy in town. Well, new to Brianna Hollis. Not so new to Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski.

The Wild Hunt.

Third book to the "New Girl" Stiles Stilinski series.
Based on season 5 & 6

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