Cold Solar

Cold Solar

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Earth colonized Mars but she treated her own pioneers as slaves for personal greed. They dug too deep into the Martian rock and discovered a weapon. Now they're coming back years later to bring vengeance.

Caught up in all of this is Mark Bowen, a pro-swordfighter with a twisted sense of sarcastic humor and a hidden secret buried deep within his DNA. For Bowen, it's a race against time to stop a hate-driven war machine from killing everything he cares about. Entangled in the conflict is also Joanna, a skilled warrior with a fiery temperament bound by an oath to protect an ambassador of the highest importance, a royal princess. Vladimir, a Russian troublemaker with a passion for archery, finds his nice vacation in Los Angeles is suddenly turned into a harrowing fight for survival. Low, a corporate government hacker with a love for gossip and snacks, is given the unfortunate task of trying to monitor and assist these unpredictable warriors while she desperately wants to remain loyal to doing what she believes is the right thing. Amidst all this they are faced with an enemy who is mankind's loftiest goal, a genetically perfect human race. Intrigue, war, corruption, violence, and betrayal...

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Hey if you can read malay. Please read and vote my story. Jodoh Kita Berdua. If you can understand malay language or speak it.
Burn cold? Like how liquid nitrogen boils when it comes into contact with anything, even though it is as cold as the surface of Pluto?
bennytulk bennytulk Sep 26
I love how you said what hand he grabbed. but is he left handed or right handed
KlnMifflin KlnMifflin Aug 28
Might want to change this for publication. It takes 4 years to get to Mars, thus the corporation would have to leave this year.
HHR3741 HHR3741 Aug 22
Yep he's right here, whatever you do it's impossible to make individuals perfect n selfless!👍
HHR3741 HHR3741 Aug 22
I like the way democracy is expressed here, the meaning and aim is made as simple as possible!