Five Days

Five Days

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Chapter 1:

King Eric's POV

I look at the bed in front of me,where my wife is lying.Needles join with blood bottles were attached in her veins an hour ago.She looks at my,smiling wth much effort.

"If you always sit with me, what happens to your work?"

"To hell with ....."I calmed down,then says,"Please don't say that.You will be all right and I will return to my work." I placed my lips on hers.

A knock at the door interrupts us.Then a nurse enters the room.

"Your Majesty"She bowed at me then my wife,"My Queen." Then she looks at me.

"Sorry my king,Dr Harrison want to meet you in his office,now.Also,she ask for forgiveness."

"It's okay."I stand up and looks at my wife,"I will be right back ,love."

I just run to the doctors office and when I enters there,I immidietly knows that something is terribly wrong.The facial expreson of Dr Harrison is what I did not see in a century. 

It is pain! Immense pain!

"Please forgive me...." She start to bow but I grab him.

"Cut that crap,doc,...