Happy Valentines Day, Beautiful.

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Charlie Estes By Chawwlie Completed
A short story about a man who explains his true love for the love of his life on Valentines Day, but there's something wrong. The main theme for this story, is to appreciate what you have.
This is beautiful. I'm sorry that happened to u, but through your writing the reader can feel your love for her. Bravo
That's how Raoul loved Christine in Phantom of the Opera!!
                                    (minus the genius turned psychopath "phantom")
                                    But WOW! That was SWEEEEEETTTTTTTERRR than apple pie! 
It was in past tense, kind of so I was like oh maaan, she's dead. But it was super romantic and so cute and sad 
i cried. but every time u said would i started 2 cry cause i knew something waz up :(
                                    but i still loved it!!! awesome book!!! :)
Oh my, I cried, it was so sad, but so beautiful and very well written.
                                    Keep on Writing, Creating and Believing!
                                    xx Bella
Very touching part...get to the heart of the loved one <3 
                                    I must continue reading on!