Lacey's Murder Case (A Lacey Thompson Humor Mystery)

Lacey's Murder Case (A Lacey Thompson Humor Mystery)

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Madeleine G. Labitan By madeleinelabitan Updated Sep 23, 2014

Who knew dismissing a phone call as a prank was the biggest mistake a person could make? Lacey Thompson was about to learn this lesson the hard way. Driven by guilt that it's her fault why her boss was killed, Lacey took it upon herself to solve the mystery murder.

Now Lacey must step out of her comfort zone and venture into the trail of a mysterious killer, all the while crossing a few things off her to-do list:

• Deal with a capricious and uber sensitive father

• Dodge a crazy ex-boyfriend

• Ditch a dumb sidekick wannabe

• And convince the hot homicide detective that it was a murder case, not suicide.

Sounds like a good plan....

But could she find out who the killer was before the killer learns what she's up to?

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