The fairy house

The fairy house

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No One By madgirl2868 Updated Nov 01, 2018

16 beautiful or handsome, yet not so rich or famous teens sign up for the fairy house, thinking they would be working as an intern or something like that to earn some cash, the big surprise is when they realized that they just signed up to be on a some what arrange marriage reality tv show! And get this, they each have to marry one of the most richest teens in all of fiore, they have 2 years to decide. Problem is, there's 14 heirs or rich teens, 16 that are not. So this shows is a battle for love, with events, and challenges! Welcome to the fairy house!

 "Here are the Heirs or riches.
Natsu dragneel, created a famous and spiciest food in his father igneels 5 star restaurant, the dragon force. Which is the best in fiore.
Gray fullbuster, the heir to silver fullbuster, who is the owner of 18 most famous ski parks and 20 ice rinks, plus, famous retired hockey player
Wendy and chelia marvel, there mother owns marvel airline, the best and fastest private airline in Fiore
Jellal Fernandez, mother is a famous artist and same with his brothers, his dad created Lacrima phones
Gajeel redfox , solo artist, musician. Also famous for saving the mayors daughter, father is chief of the council
Laxus dreyar, grandson of macarov, who is a famous director, and is me, your host
Sting Eucfflife, a heir for the co-boss of the twin dragons co, a car company that sells the fastest cars in Fiore
Rogue Cheyene, also heir of a co-boss of the twin dragons co
Zeref dragneel, the son of igneel, heir to dragon force, amazing chef, and best prankster in Fiore
Erik cobra, parents are famous fighters and council members who saved the princess before
Lyon vastia, heir to ur, who is also a co worker with silver, and a famous hockey player and ice dancer
Aries lamb, heir to the best fashion designer in Fiore
Minevra Orlando, 2nd best model in Fiore
I want you two get to know eachother, cause in 2 years, most of you will marry each other." Macarov said.

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