Chasing Bad✔[Editing On Hold]

Chasing Bad✔[Editing On Hold]

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Looking down at me a small rare smile forms on his face, one that I haven't really seen come from him. The small gesture seemed so sincere, so pure. "I'm glad that you pushed me, I'm glad that I got to know who you are and you got to know me better. In everyone's eyes I'm this bad guy, but really I just felt.. alone." He chuckles darkly, "It's pathetic, I know. But you somehow saw past all of that, and I could never repay you."
      My eyes stay glued to his and I take in every word, "I-I didn't know you felt that way, and I'm happy that I got to know you too. But, there is one way you can repay me."
     "And what would that be?
     I bite my lip, "Kiss me."
       ~Bad Boy Series~  ~Broken Series~
               Book 2                      Book 3
         Noelle Roberts has been going through ups and downs ever since her mother committed suicide, her father having become an alcoholic has been hard on her considering the fact she always has to help him.
         At school is her escape from the reality she is forced to endure.
           Isaac Williams is the schools bad boy, not the type to have girls running to him but more of running from him. He has a bad reputation around the town of being aggressive, demanding, and a huge troublemaker.
           When these two worlds collide they're in for one interesting ride, but along the way they each learn more about each other.
              And, a lesson on trust.
    Cover Made By: @xXArachnidXx
  Highest Rank In Chicklit: 9 (11-27-17) (Rank 10 November 23, 2017) (Rank 11 in Chicklit on August 3,2017)

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Knowing me, I probably wouldn't hold me tongue back. I'd snap the Heck out.
heathergoodman21 heathergoodman21 Nov 30, 2017
😂😂 omg lol that’s great thanks for making me laugh right off the bat