The Baby Project

The Baby Project

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Ash By ashcravo Updated Dec 24, 2017

*Harry Potter Fan-Fiction*

Everyone is back for their Seventh year at Hogwarts, and there is a new class mandatory for all seventh years. It's called 'The Baby Project' and it is not what anyone expected (or wanted, really). Read (and probably laugh...a lot) as your favorite Harry Potter characters go through The Baby Project! 

(This is a Dramione story)

***Do not copy this story.
***Currently being edited/rewritten.
***I do not own the picture on the cover--I found it on Google somewhere.
***Currently being translated to Czech, as well!

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I almost made my dad crash a car by accident over a spider smaller than the tip of my pinky...
emmaisnotalive emmaisnotalive Jul 27, 2017
                              -but it's not hurting anyo-I DONT CARE JUST KILLLLL IT!! OHMYGAAAAWWWD!
TheIntrovertOutcast TheIntrovertOutcast Nov 01, 2017
Yes, it has! During the years in which the Harry Potter books took place, Defense Against the Dark Arts was briefly turned to Dark Arts by the Carrows.
That's early cause by the time everyone is awake and moving (other than on their phone) it's 1 or 2 pm
Mudblood_12 Mudblood_12 Sep 01, 2017
Unlike Ron I'd go over pick up the spider name it and set it free
Th3HalfBl00dWitch Th3HalfBl00dWitch Nov 06, 2017
It was bc his teddy bear got turned into a spider when he was little