The Strange Kind Of Perfect

The Strange Kind Of Perfect

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Mykaylynn Huddleston By Mykaylynn Completed


Kristen Mays never thought her life could change as fast as the speed of coffee going down her bra. Unfortunately for her, it did. She thought everything was going great only come to find out her boyfriend of forever has been cheating on her with her best friend.

Then Lucas Granger shows up. Charming, handsome, and let's not forget British (swoon). He's looking for friends, and fortunately for him, he meets Kristen.


Rankings: #2 in Teen Fiction

I wish some dude would sip my coffee as he was breaking up with me!
I would have punched him, then like "Oops. Reflex." Then punched him again.
D-Dongo D-Dongo Jun 27
Well at least he told her and not had to have had her find out the hard way
Bruh childish it's not like u didn't deserve that slap u lied to here then u cheated on her and on top of that u took a sip of her coffee if it was me I would have got one of my brothers to beat yo ass at lest u could do was be a man and take the slap to the face
Did nïgga just sip my coffee? MY coffee. Boiiii if you don't backpedal
soprica soprica Sep 27
I get that this is supposed to be endearing and sweet and all but I mean, really? She named her scooter after her dead grandmother?