Sinking Ships

Sinking Ships

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Lindsay Alexandra By Monst3rs Completed

Drugs tear lives apart, and that's no different for Fallon. With his parents two years dead and the girl he loved disapearing and returning, things are pretty eventful. Throw a young child into the mix and he's got himself a complete mess of a life.

Cravings, responsabilities and the drug addicted mother of his child wanting to waltz back into their lives, Fallon has a lot on his plate. But more than that, he finds himself asking the question, 'Are drugs really the cause of this?'

A/N: I'm sorry for the horrible description. I suck. I suck a lot.

  • dad
  • drugs
  • meth
  • parenting
  • teen
yssaaaabeellaa14 yssaaaabeellaa14 Jul 16, 2016
Oh god, I thought this POV's is from a girl. Ohmygod, this is the first time I've actually read a story that the POV is from a boy. 😱😱😱
killerofallmen killerofallmen Jan 03, 2016
I rlly love the story so far good writing and interesting plot
killerofallmen killerofallmen Jan 03, 2016
For me its wake up go to school work sleep or sometimes wake up go to school get high or drunk and sleep
killerofallmen killerofallmen Jan 03, 2016
Hm i am quite possibly the most honest if im drunk or high liquid courage yknow and  the whole worries go up in smoke thing is actually quite true for me... I realize i sound like a druggie here... I swear im not
- - Feb 16, 2014
I have to say that I am incredibly impressed so far! I like that it's the boy taking care of the baby and the girl who can't. For a change. I just really like the idea so far!
JohnDunbar JohnDunbar Feb 27, 2013
sounds like something i could definitely read. ill let you know how i like it when i get done