Love 'Till The End (Amourshipping)

Love 'Till The End (Amourshipping)

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xXKawaiiXx4489 By xXKawaiiXx4489 Updated Jan 03

After their kiss on their last day of traveling together, Ash and Serena never forgot about meeting each other again until they both end up in the same high school, KALOS High! After realizing they are in the same school, they meet up with all their friends! Ash and Serena have been getting closer and closer each day! Oh, did I forget to mention that they went back to HS because Serena finally became Kalos Queen and Ash is The Pokémon Master and a famous singer! Read about their experiences in a relationship and what they go through! Enjoy! It's my first story!

The story is better then the description, I promise!


Ash X Serena
Clemont X Korrina
Dawn X Gary
Drew X May
Bonnie X Max

I don't own Pokémon or their characters, but I do own my original characters and story plot!

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HQ_Amour HQ_Amour Oct 29, 2017
'Like' is a weak word to express Ash's feelings. I'd prefer to call it 'love'.
Biffalo Biffalo Jun 07, 2017
Hey us Mew are not that old!!!!!! 
                              Ok maybe we are......
hanni_24 hanni_24 Dec 24, 2017
Same here, i f*cking hate it that Ash looks like a f*cking ten year old, like in season one, but uglier. And f*ck Lilly and that blue hared b*tch.
dipsy789 dipsy789 Jan 19
I just watched the episode that had this line 
BlackXWhite2 BlackXWhite2 Jul 27, 2017
Best power couple ever!!! A Pokémon Master and Kalos Queen!!!! *fangirls and falls off couch*
I don't even know what the creators had in there mind while creating Alola... it looks so derpy