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The Nerd Duchess

The Nerd Duchess

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Darcey Sherwood By Chocolatesandbooks Updated Sep 18, 2016

It was her senior year. Her last year in the Academy that treated her no less than a mere 'commoner'.
In her entire High School she only has one best friend. Elizabeth Paige. She is Victoria Rostova's best friend. She had been there for Victoria ever since they had met in their play pens.

Victoria is the school outcast. Ever since she accidentally spilled her guts at Alexa Park's shoes on the Alexa's first day during the sophomore year. It wasn't her fault she was a little under the weather at that time.
That day had pave in Victoria's future in the school, no longer part of the invisible group of the school. Victoria Rostova was school's resident victim - to anything may it be target practice with their crumpled paper of colored milkshakes or burning coffee. You name it.
But Victoria didn't mind, she chose to be that. Nobody to know the real her except two persons in the academy; her Headmistress and her best friend. No one more, no one less.

But what would happen if a certain handsome, raven-colored hair, silver-eyed boy who happens to be the person who knows about Victoria being someone more, because of a memorable night in Malibu that summer before the term would start, happens to study at the very same Academy Victoria was in.

Victoria's world that she carefully constructed around her together with the persona she had made herself known for the past years - those - all of those - Victoria would see them all coming down the drain.

Would she just go with the flow and have herself be revealed or would do anything that would ensure that her well kept secret will remain - well A SECRET...

SparklesNSprinkles14 SparklesNSprinkles14 Sep 02, 2014
Yeah.... you did listen to my advise and post with my characters as well.... Hahahahahahhh... i love it Cuz....
cookiesandcreamrika cookiesandcreamrika Nov 23, 2013
Mommy do you want a cover? :3 I'll be making one for you...well that is, if you want one.