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He loves her, admires her, stalks her madly. To him she is his fantasy, obsession & need. But she is forbidden, she is not born for him, she is not his.

For her sake of happiness, simplicity & family. He vows to never let his dark obsession rule him or hover near his love. But what happens when somebody hurts his love & she unknowingly stumbles in his protection, in his arms, in his world.

Will he let her go this time or cage her forever and ever?

Warning -: Explicit Content includes. If you're 16+, then only you can read otherwise, enter at your own risk.

  • arrogant
  • betrayal
  • business-tycoon
  • caged
  • chicklit
  • cocky
  • dark
  • forbidden
  • love
  • obsession
  • possessive
  • projectwomenup
  • protect
  • revenge
  • romance
  • sister
  • thriller
Alessio is Italian i swear. A guy u know who had that name is Italian
Wait why did you choose white people foe tour chatcters if they're indian
sbfkbs sbfkbs Sep 20
Hi my dear ...
                              I'm also Indian .....from kerala .
                              Loved the way u explained everything .
                              Now let me read yaar eager .😍
MaameAmono MaameAmono Jun 05
Love the names, have some romantic appeal to it, love the story most. Very good plot
pp1d_z pp1d_z Jun 09
Lol! Indians won't find the prounciation to be difficult. 😉
crooney crooney Jul 26
I love a book on wattpad that highlights other ethnicities. Im very excited to read!!