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Bitter Sweet Love

Bitter Sweet Love

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Britney Paige By MusicJunkie212 Updated Dec 01, 2012

“Loved?” I ask, trembling. Understanding dawns on his face, but it was too late. He can’t take that one back. “Laila I-“ He says reaching out to touch my face, but I jump away from him. “Loved…” I repeat, making it final. It wasn't a question this time. I feel the tears streaming down my face but I don’t try to catch them this time. This time I finally broke; he finally broke me. “Goodbye, Zeke” I whisper before running. I know he’s not following me. Not this time... Laila has never been one to share. She despised it completely. So, when she finds out she is the mate of the one and only Zeke Wulfric, she is down right horrified.She has to share him with other women. Share being the key word there, but Laila pushed past her sharing problem and started a relationship with him, but things went south and Laila ran. Now she is back, albeit against her will, but she vows not to fall right back into Zeke's arms. He is going to have to work for it if he wants her back.

leakedsnapchats leakedsnapchats Jun 28, 2016
Its an amazing  story very well written and presented.
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shellbell232 shellbell232 Mar 31, 2013
just so you know I felt some emotion other at end.  good job capture that
eradicait eradicait Mar 15, 2013
Darn.. not even your first chapter and my eyes are burning.. xD That last sentence threw me off :( It was so sad.. OH Laila *sniff sniff*
projectXO projectXO Nov 06, 2012
This is awesome so far! But something here makes my heart break...
TaintedAmaranth TaintedAmaranth Sep 19, 2012
It's the same concept as most werewolves stories but I like that it is slightly different in a way that the alpha has to have 3 wives, not that i agree with polygamy.
XxXLovedXxX XxXLovedXxX Aug 27, 2012
You captured everything perfectly! I got heartache from reading the the ended! Amazing (: